Christmas Ideas for Holiday Party Planning

December is here! I’m sure lots of groups, companies, organizations and even families booked event coordinators to plan Christmas parties and New Year ’s Eve gigs. For us

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who’ll do the planning ourselves, let’s start by setting the date of the party . Make is as early as possible. Why? There are a lot of parties given in December . If you’re late I’m sure you’ll receive lots of “Sorry, can’t make it” replies because someone else’s party was scheduled first.

Next, think if you’re party is going to be formal or casual (I’m more comfy with casual) ? Will your party be for women only? Men only? Will it be a family party? Most of the time it’s family party for us with our single girl friends. You can base your theme around the tone of your party. If you’re going to have a theme party, stick with one or two colors max. There are many different themes to choose from- Winter Wonderland, Recipe Exchange Party, Kids Make it and Take it or Black Tie Christmas Party. I love Recipe Exchange Party because this theme party takes some of the pressure off the person hosting the party because the snacks are brought by the guests. Send out invitations and every person attending has to bring a favorite cookie recipe along with a plate of those cookies. I’ll have to incorporate the Kids Make It and Take It because we have children. It’s a party where the kids can feel like a part of it. Make sure that you have a simple project ready for the kids to make that can be completed during the party like decorating their own gingerbread cookies.

There are so many Christmas ideas for holiday party planning that you might get overwhelmed just trying to decide which one you want to choose. But just remember that you can always try out another idea the following year!