News on iPhone 6

Apple the innovator of new technology is trying to provide you all the smarter technology at your doorstep. They excel in all the technology they introduce and admire the world as a wow factor. Even a small change in the latest version makes their products successful and with maximum reach among their users. Recent rumours say that they tend to incorporate 128GB of storage capacity along with cloud storage. IPhone 6 may surprise you with the advancement in its NFC enabled which enables high end smart phones to look smarter.

IPhone 5s comes with A7 processor along improvement in camera, but recent information which made iphone 6 release date in hype is that cloud storage with increased memory. Plenty of improvement has been done in camera to look up better and capture high quality images. People always expect their screen size to be larger which makes them comfortable in all the activities they do. A better life always gains great talk among customers as they undergo increasing daily usage. Cnet suggests that new Wi-Fi version that is Wi-Fi 802.11ac for iphone 6 which enables you to connect with internet 24*7. Finally trusted reviews suggest that the waterproofing prospect for this series of iPhone 6 was great news for their customers as it was a major drawback compared to their competitors. They tend to replace current infrared sensors which sonar which user sound as a proximity sensor. Apple insider lets users alerting them about all incoming objects.